Does it mean?

To be


Is it merely
To push life out of you

To walk
Barefoot and broken

With a Scarlet letter on your breast

Or is it more
Visceral, intricate, guttural, real

Like perhaps
The iridescent shimmer of broken glass

As it sticks
And gleams prettily on your open wrist

A pink gash
To compensate for the one between your legs

A blue vein
Hastily stitched up, bandaged and recompensed


Is that it then
Are you a woman now?

Carved marble-like
A suffering, persevering, patient creature

From a blade
An ecclesiastical scalpel

That punishes
The sinful, the splintered, the shameless

I think not
For reasons that might seem uncomely

You are
Blood and bone

About your own volatility and insignificance

Your blood
Is crimson, but also violet and cerulean and green

Quite like
The bruises that are meant to discipline, but not display

Tell me
Again what it means

To be
flinted and livid and discordant and hungry


Tell me
I pray, Erudite

Is it after all

To be

[Featured GIF: giphy.com]

[Featured art: Sarah Modak]

Where Is The Way Out Of This Labyrinth?

“Where is the way out of this Labyrinth?”
I asked the anarchist, the wise rebel,
He handed me a revolver and said,
“Here’s your answer kid, it’s either heaven or hell”.

The man who painted his dream,
He gave me nightmares, took my sleep,
I wonder if he ever got out of the Labyrinth,
I wonder if he was ever happy.

The beauty here is distorted, but beauty nonetheless,
The clock is liquid in my hands.

“Where is the way out of this Labyrinth?”
I asked the Pope, he who worships the Almighty,
He smiled with cold eyes and said,
“My child, you mistaken this pain for Purgatory”

(Inspired by the quote from Looking For Alaska.)