A New Beginning and an Awkward Sign-Off


So, when this blog was not actually a corporeal thing (it still isn’t, technically, since we can neither touch or feel it) or rather, when it was only an idea, it involved one of my pseudo-writer friends and me writing to each other back and forth in letter form. Well, that blew, obviously.

But I still wanted to stick to theme of this blog. Regardless of my friend’s involvement, I needed this to happen since a very long time. But if I was to stick to the letter-format, who would these letters be addressed to?

Then it belatedly struck me—the letters could be addressed to anyone I wanted! People dead, alive, fictional. In an age where everyone wants to be heard, who could be better listeners than them?

Once I got over the initial sorrow I felt for them (for they obviously couldn’t object to my rambling to them), the only consolation that kept me going was that I’d be addressing letters to them not to use their names just to fill in the blanks, but as remembrances. Because I honestly wanted to share that something with them.

Also, this is where I can explore words, their feel and essence around me. Here I also let loose the nerd/geek (I still don’t know the difference) in me. Talk of books, fan-culture and proof of lack of social life are some things you can expect from me.

Not to mention occasional melancholy (former emo kid—old habits die hard).

So, in conclusion—Happy Reading!

May the Force be with you,


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